Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Missing on Hedo looking good already

Probably nothing, but word is that Turkoglu is wiped out from a deep NBA playoff run chased with a stint on the national team. His stats for team Turkey in Eurobasket were pretty flat, to the point where his GM is answering questions about his condition before preseason has even started:

"International play has always been more of a team game, less individual, so statistics are less of an indication than what he actually contributed," Colangelo said. "I watched him play, and would say he effectively deferred to others on his team, as he was often the target of defensive schemes.

"Having said that," Colangelo added, "he did appear physically and emotionally tired when I saw him last week, which is understandable given his late June NBA final appearance and mid-July training for the Euro championship."

This could be nothing. Hedo could simply be a tad exhausted and ready to bounce back after a little rest. Then again, being tired before the NBA season even starts doesn't sound like a good thing.

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Sheed said...

Hedo sucks!

Seth Johnston said...

Ha! But how do you really feel?

KneeJerkNBA said...

I'm also glad Hedo didn't end up in Portland. Roy's our guy with the clock running down. It would have been ludicrous to overspend for an aging spot up shooter who can't defend.

Best of luck with that frontcourt, Toronto! They could give up 120 a night this year.

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