Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zach Randolph Watch: Hey, he lost weight, that means something right? Edition

We took great joy in poking fun at the optimistic Randolph article that came out of Memphis a while back. The enthusiasm is still going strong, check out this observation from a recent Grizz workout:
Randolph looked fit, forcefully pushing his power forward counterparts with a frame that’s dropped 18 pounds.
Sound familiar? When Zach was having his issues in Portland we were treated to two Z-Bo articles every off-season. First, we got the Zach has finally matured article. Then, we got the Zach has finally gotten fit article. Believe me Memphis, so far the pattern is following the same path it did in Portland, New York, and LA.

Something to remember about any But he's in shape now! press is that these are, how do you say, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. If a player looking fit is noticeable enough to be reported then you likely have a problem. (The exception being if they are coming back from injury.) If I were in Memphis I would be more worried about why my power forward was overweight to begin with.

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Anonymous said...

Йа йэбу... Вас тута сборищэ Пейдоразусов!
Писсетец! Фсех бы атписдилл!

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