Saturday, September 19, 2009

JR Rider Watch: Um, arrests probably won't help edition

We were pretty pumped about JR Rider's comeback attempt. The thing is, we sort of forgot that JR Rider is JR Rider:
The Bad Boy image continues even though his playing days have been long over. Rider was arrested in Ahwatukee last Wednesday after the police got a call about a family fight.

Rider was taken into custody after an outstanding felony warrant was found on his record.
It looks like the chances that the Nets were going to invite Rider to training camp just went from slim to none. We remain hopeful that JR will stay out of jail long enough to sign a contract with someone. Anyone, really.

(Assist Ben from BlazersEdge via Twitter. Hockey assist Sham Sports.)


KneeJerkNBA said...

Memphis would be the logical spot for him. With Z-Bo stunting Gay's growth and AI corrupting Conley, they still need another loser to teach Mayo how to take bad shots and ignore defense.

Seth Johnston said...

I like how you think.

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