Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm starting to fear the magic man

Blazer fans have been going crazy with trade speculation. And why not? It's fun to sit around and conjure up fantasy scenarios that include trading Z-Bo and D. Miles for the #2 Pick, Ray Allen, and an iPhone (Oh wait, Paul Allen would never let us have an iPhone). I've certainly slipped into this dreamland as a fun way to pass the time. Plus we have Kevin Pritchard, the magic man league bamboozling super GM who will probably not just deliver our outlandish fantasies, but surpass them.

It's fun to be a Blazer fan right now.

Then I came across a couple articles that sobered my mind like an Oregon Burrito from Muchas Gracias at 3 AM. Reality just isn't as fun.

First off, The Oregonian is reporting that Pritchard isn't getting as much interest in Z-Bo as we would like to believe. In all this excitement we were forgetting the very real possibility that Zach will be once again doing his thing in Portland next season. Ouch.

Secondly,DraftExpress is making reasonable speculation that Portland is shopping Jarrett Jack for a draft pick. Apparently Portland is inviting pointguards to private workouts. Jack is a good guy, and a good player. I see him as a potential Upper-Middle-Class Man's Chauncey Billups, to be honest. It isn't a reach to say that Jack in his third season will run the team better than any rookie pointguard in the draft. Do we really want to go younger at this position? At this time?

Losing Jack would mean losing someone we know is a character guy that the fans seem to demand these days. It would also mean losing a competant young pointguard thats still improving. Lets not forget we'd probably taking a step back in that position (at least in the immediate future).

I really like Jack. I've been paranoid about him getting moved all season. I first blogged my fear back on 3-16-07.If there was a negative to the electricity and excitement produced by Sergio Rodriguez, its that it seemed to push Jack off the stage a little.

If KP pulls the trigger on this, his 110% approval rating probably won't go away, but it will get a critical look from more than a few. Of course if it all works out, and Portland becomes better off, great.

I say "In Kevin Pritchard We Trust," but I'm no longer yelling it. I wonder if magic is enough.

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