Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a night, 2007 NBA Draft

Fun times. I was a little miffed since I could only follow the first few picks of the night online. I can only ninja out of my cubicle and appear at the nearest sportsbar so fast. Once I got situated, the good times rolled.

First of all, I ended up sitting next to the perfect kind of people at the sportsbar: the old hoopheads. This was not Rip City HQ, this was a corny sportsbar in a westside suburban business park. And still, there was a decent turnout of enthusiastic folks. The plummeting Josh McRoberts became a running joke, and I think I even impressed with my Tiago Splitter knowledge. Good people.

The reaction to the big Zach Randolph trade was priceless. When it flashed on the screen the roof came off the place. An old lady playing video poker went into convulsions. The old hoopheads were excited because Zach was gone and salary space was saved. They said Francis won't play a game for Portland, so no need to worry about him. Who needs ESPN analysis when you got these guys?

Then I noticed all the Knicks fans going crazy, and I couldn't stop the laughter. You guys have no idea what's in store for you. Your frontcourt now consists of Eddy Curry and Z-Bo, if you think thats something to give a standing ovation then you don't know Zach. Don't let the numbers fool you. PS, this is a guy that can't stay out of trouble in Portland.

The draft was awesome, I learned that Kevin Pritchard is still made of magic. McRoberts was a steal since he is a very good complimentary player and supposedly Greg Oden's semi-buddy. Taurean Green with the #52 pick? I'll take that all day. Koponen the workout wonder is worth the low risk, especially since he can develop over in Europe for a while. Rudy Fernandez? I don't know much, but I read good things. As for everyone else? Kevin Pritchard drafted them, so they must be awesome. Now its time to look forward to free agent season, summer league, more trades, and a dynasty. I love being a Blazer fan.


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