Sunday, July 1, 2007

Greg Oden: Man of the People

I wasn't there for Oden's rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square. This was a little heartbreaking to me, but was due directly to an excellent 2007 Draft. I got home relatively late from the sportsbar by my work that night, and had to get my blog on when I got home. Then I had to all this draft analysis to read. The result was me oversleepling Friday morning, which meant I was also late getting back to the infamous cubicle, which meant I was unable to take the needed lunch break to go stand in the rain, scream, and jump up and down at the sight of Oden. Sad.

Even more sad because the Blazers can throw a rally. I went to the press conference announcing Nate McMillan's hire. They had free hotdogs, icecream, pop, live music, and hope. With the recent trades and the draft, I'm pretty much full on hope, but a hotdog would have hit the spot.

Anyways, I read on the OregonLive Blazers Blog that Greg Oden arrived via the MAX Lightrail (no word on if there was free food). I'm not sure who had the idea for the new stud to slide up via Portland's renowned public transportation system, but its pretty cool that he did it. You can feel the city fall more in love with the #1 pick every day. Welcome to Portland Mr. Oden.

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