Thursday, July 19, 2007

Milwaukie Chinese feelin like Yi

Yi (or maybe more accurately, the folks who will make a lot of bank off Yi) didn't want the Bucks to draft him. They made this very clear, but the Bucks went ahead and took him anyways. I mean why not? What could possibly go wrong?

So we've been sitting back enjoying the ensuing disaster, and guess who's stepping up now? None other than the Milwaukean-Chinese Citizens! Thats right, they started a website welcoming Yi to Milwaukie.

First item on the agenda: Convince Yi that there are Chinese people in Milwaukie.

See Yi? There are Chinese people there, a whole community of them! They got their own grocery stores and everything!

Concern over a small market team hurting marketability? Worry about the small Chinese population? Alleged issues with potential playing time? Yi's camp is running out of excuses, and I feared this circus was coming to an end.

Then, it hit me: The Race Card! A search for "Chinese" on Milwaukie's wikipedia page turned up this quote:

" In March of 1889, that city saw four days of protest and one day of rioting against its Chinese laundrymen. Sparking this city-wide disturbance were allegations of sexual misconduct between two Chinese and a number of underaged white females. The unease, and tension in the wake of the riot was assuaged by the direct disciplining of the city's Chinese."

Hey, Milwaukie is racist! Or maybe Yi likes underaged white females, and wouldn't feel comfortable causing a riot against the local Chinese Community, whom he cares deeply for after he saw the website they made for him and heard about their grocery stores.

Game on!

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