Monday, July 23, 2007

Portland is bored already

Its not like any Blazer fan has good reason to be bored. The young players developing, the trades, The Draft, I mean wow. But I've been noticing something over the last few days that hasn't happened for a while: no Blazer chatter in Portland.

Again, NOTHING to complaing about, this is really a product of Kevin Pritchard and crew being made of magic. We got used to the constant wheeling and dealing, watching this organization make one bold stride after another. We know things are always in the works, but publicly, there is reluctant silence in Rip City. As a result, I'm probably a little too excited that Brandon Roy is going to scrimmage with Team USA.

Then tonight while watching the local news, I realized I wasn't the only one. There was another 45 minute lecture on why its a little humid in Portland right now (Whaddup Typhoon Man-Yi!), followed by some couple from Michigan stuck on a log tree ride (only in Portland, my friend), all leading up to four hours of live-on-location coverage at the IKEA Store opening. Seriously, there are far too many people in tents outside of that place right now. There's also traffic tips for navigating "IKEA Traffic Congestion."

Mr. Pritchard, I don' know how the city could be more clear. Please make a trade, have a press conference for Channing Frye, put on a puppet show, something, anything. This city needs to be saved from itself.

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