Monday, July 16, 2007

Etan Thomas to Andrew Bogut: THATS a knife!

Earlier this summer Andrew Bogut voiced some criticisms pointed towards "80%" of the NBA Players and American Culture in general. The statements didn't get much coverage from major sports-media outlets, which was sort of surprising. Although Bogut was basically making the same flawed sweeping generalizations (complete with possible implied racism) that a lot of NBA-haters make, he is an NBA Player, so I expected at least a little publicity on this. Not so.

Well, lucky for us, Etan Thomas is willing to voice his opinion too. In his open letter to Andrew Bogut, Etan holds Bogut's comments up to reason, where they disintegrate. When it comes to making cogent arguments, its clear who has the bigger knife. Read Etan's blog here.

I tried to reach Andrew for a rebuttal, but he was too busy making it rain, buying Bentleys, and impregnating various strippers with the Ying Yang Twins. Those 80%'rs must have gotten to him. Bill O'Reilly may have lost another ally.


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