Monday, July 23, 2007

Ok Ok Ok, Calm Down

There’s always a group that likes to scream about how the NBA is in a downward spiral towards collapse. They spend their time talking about how the league has never been worse, how everything we know is doomed. To me a particularly annoying part of the Tim Donaghy scandal is that these folks have something legit to stoke their fire and brimstone with. I was going to link to a few articles and in true blogger fashion, feature heavy quotations, but this really is everywhere. Maybe its your favorite columnist, or maybe its your favorite sports blog, you don’t have to travel far to read about the league’s impending demise. They talk about conspiracies, broken trust, and integrity forever lost. The end is near my friends. Its as if other sports haven’t recovered from worse.

No doubt, this is really bad, and has potential to be even worse. Maybe Cuban and has been right all along. The refs are in on it, the league is in on it, this whole thing really is fixed.

I guess I’m a minority on this, but it still looks like one crooked ref to me. This whole scandal sucks, no doubt, but am I alone in thinking that the league will ultimately be fine?

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