Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ha Seung-Jin, tremendous upside-potential achieved

Its shaping up to be another slow NBA day, and all that insanse IKEA Store stuff is hopefully almost over, so I figured it'd be the day to track down our good friend Ha Seung-Jin (The NBA Profile is also pretty informative, which is a bit odd).

Our man Ha was a big fan favorite in Portland, you just don't see 7'3 305 lb 19 year old Koreans every day. His size and youth were enough to get him drafted, and everyone figured the #46 pick in the draft was worth the gamble that this guy could learn to play in the League (a potential second coming of Greg Ostertag! Sexy!).

Then he was traded to Milwaukie, despite the fact that the local Korean-Community didn't even make him a website. His marketability surely taking a hit in a place without Asians, it isn't Ha's style to complain. That and the fact that he's still trying to get his footing in the NBA. Hey, he's still young and huge. When I found this brilliant highlight footage on youtube, I realized Ha is closer to achieving his potential than we have given him credit for:

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