Friday, July 13, 2007

Please God No

Just heard, Steve Blake is supposedly going to sign with Portland. If true, we got ourselves too many pointguards which probably means Jack is on the move (although I wouldn't count out Sergio being shopped). I have never totally understood why so many love Blake, when I ask I hear an argument similar to how they used to describe Trent Dilfer. Is someone who's main attribute seems to be that they "won't mess things up" and is "good enough" what we need? Maybe. At a price reportedly above the mid-level exception? I don't know. I certainly think Jack can be better than Blake if he isn't already, but the peronnel staff knows more than me. I'm not passing up a date consisting of pizza and Soprano's dvds with the girl tonight, so expect a good old fashioned ranting post tomorrow.

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Greg C said...

I read it was for $12 million with the 3rd year as an option. The mid-level exmeption he was asking for was supposedly $31 mil over 5 years. So he got nowhere near "above the mid-level" as you said.

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