Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I want NBA Live 08

All things quiet for a minute on the Blazer front. The Garnett Trade was pretty exciting. Other than that, NBA Live 08 has been on my brain. Many people aren't so high on the franchise, but its always been good enough for me (although I admit almost sticking my head in the oven every year when I'm reminded how much Franchise Mode or Dynasty Mode or whatever they call That Mode is limited).

Here's why I'm excited:

The "as is" Blazers won't suck this year, so that should be fun. It will still be awesome to take terrible players and develop them so they can do this, makes me miss . I might actually have to stray from my long tradition of Baron Davis-centric team selection, although that will probably be better than ever also (thanks Mavs!), so maybe not.

Gilbert Arenas on the cover is the first time I've been excited about who's on the cover of a video game, my favorite result of The Year of the Takeover so far. It is odd to me though that he's in the gold alternate uni. Gross. Odd. Why?

I bought a Wii, so I guess the controls could be cool. Or they could suck. Seriously, if I want to play basketball I'll go outside. I buy NBA Live to play a video game. Apparently theres some confusion on this issue. This could be a huge mistake. There's a lot of comedy (and perhaps horror) listening to who I assume is some guy who worked on the game and has never before seen actual basketball (or the sun) describe it:

So the countdown is on to October 2. Another grown man too excited about the release of a video game. Please believe there will be a multi-post review up on release day.


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