Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jack scheduled to start?

Found in Cleveland’s News-Herald today by Hoopshype:

“Jarrett Jack is scheduled to be the Trail Blazer’s starter”

Coupled with earlier reports of KP saying the roster is set, this is good news. That crazy insecure part of me that has been terrified of losing Jack for almost 5 months has been calmed a bit. I can see Jack starting, with Blake getting as many/more minutes as Jack while coming off the bench. Jack proved he can be a competent two-guard for stretches last season (particularly late in close games). I imagine he’ll get a lot of burn in the same fashion this season. As a long-time supporter of playing multiple pointguards simultaneously, I’m happy.

Side thought: Would the Blazers have signed Blake if Sergio hadn’t had a crappy summer-league? Looks like they learned Sergio likely isn’t yet ready to handle the responsibility of being a primary back-up, and Portland needed someone who could.


Anonymous said...

Not so fast! If they were so pleased with Jack's performance last season why would they seek Blake at all? Answer: They weren't and they regret the day Blake was traded to Milwaukee. Remember a short 2 seasons ago? Blake was the best at running the team between Blake, Jack and Telfair. He'll be best again this season and next. I'd still look for Jack to be moved with others for a more solid SF. Jack could get some run backing up Roy at SG too. I still think he'll be moved.

Jack Brown said...

I agree I don't think Jack has shown quite as much as they were hoping, but I refuse to believe that Blake was brought in as an upgrade over Jack. Jack is younger and still improving with a vastly higher ceiling than Blake.

I don't think the idea that they brought in Blake at least partly because of Sergio's unimpressive summer is far fetched.

In any event, when the game is on the line BRoy will still be the guy running the point, which works for me.

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