Thursday, August 23, 2007

USA vs Venezuela, 2

I watched a good chunk of USA v. Venezuela last night before getting bored and going back to Mario Strikers. It was one of those blow-outs where we all get to feel like the good old days of United States basketball supremacy, and try to ignore the fact that its against Venezuela.

Actually, even the better teams in the tournament aren't really going hard, so lets not get too excited: Brazil has Nene and Barbosa, but not Varejao (who is good) or Araujo (who is um, big). Canada convinced Dalembert to play, but not Nash or Magloire. It is still unknown if someone can step up and fill in for Magloires corny "no-look" dunking, seriously, I'm worried how Portland can fill such a void this season after his departure. Even Argentina, the defending Olympic champs, are without Ginobili, Nocioni, Oberto, former savior of my fantasy league team Walter Herrmann, and one of my favorite players ever Pepe Sanchez.

I have two other notes from the game:

1) Michael Redd's bald spot has gone from humorous distraction to disturbing. I think the shape reminds me of the space between your hands if you throw up a Roc-A-Fella sign. Mr. Redd, you should probably just shave it all off. Hov!

2) Bill Walton surprisingly did commentary for this game. The highlight was him throwing praise and support behind Venezuela Dictator President Hugo Chavez. I love you Bill, and don't answer your phone, its homeland security, they want to get together in Cuba for a little meeting.

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