Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tim Donaghy's quest to become the most hated man alive, 6

First we hated Donaghy for fixing games. Then we heard stories about how he's an asshole to basically everyone. Then we heard he has a legit addiction to gambling, and that the mob was pressuring him, and we put our rage against this man on hold for a second. Then we learned they were mafia wannabes, or something, and Donaghy did bet on some games he worked. While definitely affecting those games and the overall integrity of the League, the whole game fixing accusations sounded a bit above his competency. Then we heard more stories about how he's an asshole.

If you still weren't convinced, there's this:

"As part of his cooperation agreement with federal authorities, Donaghy will provide the names of officials who bet at golf courses, race tracks during the season and casinos, and are involved in football pools, the Daily News reported yesterday. Those activities would violate NBA restrictions"

No surprise that a bunch of refs (Donaghy will drop info on 20) like to bet on things. They're on the road a lot, and they make bank. Still they all new all this was prohibited, and made two errors in judgment: deciding to do it anyways and trusting Tim Donaghy.

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