Thursday, August 23, 2007

What stinks in Miami? 23

Some analysts are listing Miami to contend in the East. Um, no. They won their title, with a fair amount of luck. They made their bed when they brought in Shaq and decided to keep trying to surround him and DWade with passed their prime vets. They could've steadily built a young team around Wade to compete for years to come, but they wouldn't have won that title. It was probably worth it, but now they're living with the reprecussions a win right now strategy brings.

They need new guys to surround Wade and Shaq, but have had a hard time finding what they want and really need. If this team was so great, wouldn't some of the free agents who went elsewhere have signed with them? Why didn't anyone mention Miami when Grant Hill was looking for a contender to play with while being paid the minimum? Why have all the players on the top of the Heat's list gone elsewhere? Money, sure, but you think thats all? It wasn't with Hill, at least.

The players know something about what teams will contend. Miami, for the hype they still get, isn't getting the first look a lot of players who want to win give San Antonio, Phoenix, or Dallas. The question may become how long it takes them to get out of contracts and rebuild for the future, hopefully while Wade is in his prime. If they can't, I wonder how long he will stay in a place other players think stinks.

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