Thursday, August 23, 2007

Portland Beavers on Deadspin, 15

I like the Portland Beavers, and I'm not really a big fan of baseball. I like that PGE Park is so laid back, and the location near downtown with the max sliding right beside it. A summer day at PGE Park with the Portland Beavers and a Portland beer is not a bad way to unwind.

As I saw popped up on Deadspin, the Beavers are exploring a name change. Of course, the current name is not only giving props to a furry local animal, but to the history of pro baseball in town. Then again, it confuses people that don't really know about this history, like my girlfriend, who just thinks its lame and confusing that they name their team the same thing as Oregon State University's mascot.

So now you can go here and vote for what name you like best. Deadspin likes the Portland Wet Sox, as do I. Not for the easy rain joke, but for the alternate use of the sock employed by many a man throughout the ages. The accompanied proposed logo makes it even better. The potential for comedy is too high to do nothing on this. Please vote for the Wet Sox. I imagine they would see a spike in merchandise sales. I voted for the Green Sox second, which is an awkward way of incorporating Portland's environmentalism and greenspace. Anyways, Wet Sox, funny.

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