Thursday, August 23, 2007

Martell Webster, to know you is to be mired in befuddlement, 13

Yes, the title is copied from the one right below about Travis Outlaw. He and Webster are in similar situations as young players with all the potential you can measure, who were drafted right out of highschool on just that. For both, the critical factor seems to be getting their mind right. They should both also be grateful for the emergence of LaMarcus and Roy and the arrival of Oden, all of whom buy them more time to develop and largely avoid public scrutiny and dodge expectations. The difference is that for Webster, the stakes are a little higher.

The sixth pick in the 2005 draft, Martell at 20 is probably not yet reaching the point where he's expected to be a major contributor. Then again, lets not forget that despite more consistent minutes last season, he only managed to put up stats nearly identical to his rookie campaign.

Like Outlaw, the Blazers could really use what Martell can bring to the table. Martell is a gifted athlete, but his outside shooting is what Portland is craving. Its no secret Portland needs a big time 3 point threat, and the hopes are that Webster can fill this role.

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