Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blazer Nicknames, 10

I'm a nickname enthusiast. I enjoy giving them to everyone on the basketball court at any level. My favorite has been the guy that used to frequent the same pickup games I did, whom I deemed White Jesus for his ability to work miracles. It stuck, and when he walked in the door even infants screamed out his new name. Awesome.

When pointguard Petteri Koponen was drafted, I figured he must have some sort of nickname. I heard it was "The Finnisher." Thats all well and good, he is from Finland, so I guess that works out. While I support the play on his nationality, I can't buy this nickname because he's not, you know, a finisher. Plus I'm just not sure he's that badass yet.

So I have been championing "The Finnagler." He may not be a finisher, but you can definitely see him as a finagler, so I'm into it. In my efforts, I edited his wikipedia page to make it true. Wikipedia = the truth, I saw it on Colbert Report.

But in my efforts, how could I ignore the fact that he plays for a team called the Playboys? Casey Holdahl at OLive referred to him as "The Playboy," which may render "The Finnagler" obsolete. Its difficult to compete with the comedy that is foreign things that sound funny. If it is the will of the people, so be it.

Also, I like calling Darius Miles "Big Pun." I love that he used to call himself "The Punisher," and figure that since he is reportedly pretty fat, Big Pun would be a nice modification.

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Luke said...

We need to have Oden's nickname be Optimus Prime. Dude loves that movie and with the whole "O" thing, it just works.

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