Thursday, August 23, 2007

How not to show your enthusiasm for your team: through song, 20

There's a lot of fans of teams out there that are pretty passionate. I mean, I like the Blazers a lot. I have a blog about them, I know this to be geeky. Fans have enthusiasm and enjoy showing it in different ways, but I think there's a medium tough to cross successfully: song.

Look, since I've been sitting here blogging for 5 hours I can't say it softly, fan songs about players/teams are lame, always, ALWAYS! I know there's people who think they are totally rad, but they are lame also. Here is a good example:

See? I bet the guys that made this are actually funny. This is about as good a fan song as I've ever heard, and it still makes me cringe. Corny, am I way off with this?

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