Thursday, August 23, 2007

Joel Freeland can't catch a break, 5

This site has been behind Joel Freeland (in a platonic way) for a while. All fans got more excited if you saw the grit and athleticism he showed in summer league. People like Joel, the Blazers want to play Joel, but the timing hasn't worked out for him, which sucks a lot. There's not really a spot to spare on this year's roster, which means its the D-League or back to Europe. The D-League could conceivably make the guy worse if you leave him there long enough, so its back to his euro-team, which does play at the highest pro level, so thats good right?

The Gran Canaria Blazer prospect killing jerks, know he can play. He put up 15 and 7 in very limited minutes for them last season. Word is he wasn't too thrilled about going back for another season of riding the pine with them. Guess what else? Gran Canaria won't let him play for England's national team, either. They don't want to do anything to jeopardize the 15 minutes a game he will be playing.

Since Zach got traded, this blog has been lost looking for a new cause to get behind. I think hating Gran Canaria just may fill the void.

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