Thursday, August 23, 2007

Grant Hill: Totally Duuuuuuude!, 22

Everyone likes Grant Hill. By all accounts a great guy who was ready to be a great player until injury, but never gave up and is still playing the game he loves. Admirable.

He has his hobbies too, and he's diverse in his interests. For example, as reported by, he's making an appearance in the new Nickelback video, "Rockstar." The potential for hilarity is high in athlete-music situations, so I checked it out:

Turns out the entire video is composed of random people, so we don't get the desired Grant Hill headbanging action. In fact, he's just signing a basketball around the 1:50 mark. Grant still has some dignity, after all. Wayne Gretzky is the funniest in it, he has a hockey stick, because he was a hockey player! And he's really into it. Also, Paul Wall is in this a lot, so you know, quality assured.

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