Thursday, August 23, 2007

Travis Outlaw, to know you is to be mired in befuddlement, 12

I like Travis Outlaw, and promise this isn't about his stratospheric numbers during the "lets just finish this and not get hurt" end of the season that robbed me of my fantasy basketball title. I promise, this is about me as a Blazer's fan.

Drafted straight out of highschool in the first round 2003 on all potential. 6'9 and as athletic as anyone in the league. Now, less than a month away from turning 23 and soon to enter his 5th year in the league, nobody is really sure yet what type of player he will become.

We've seen Outlaw hit jumpers in people's face, pull down improbable rebounds, and dominate stretches of games. Then we won't hear from him for a while, maybe he's only been able to get his when he falls of the scouting report. Watching Travis over the years, there isn't a lot he can't do on the court, and he's by all accounts nice guy off it. It looks to be all mental at this point, and things need to start clicking soon. I wonder if they've been using that sports psychologist on Travis as well as Martell.

The Blazers gave him a three year extension this summer, so they must believe him to be on the verge of becoming a consistent contributor. Portland could really, really use him at small forward. It will be something to watch this season, will Outlaw make the leap or remain the talented enigma?

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