Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good thing theres so much meth in Oregon!

“I went to your blog today, no new content.”

I know. I’m having withdrawals in a bad way as life demands have inconvenienced my ability to come on here and make donk jokes. Especially since there has sort of been Blazer news lately with Ime’s contract (he got hosed) and Oden not playing with Team USA (I thought old people love Vegas?).

I’ve decided to remedy the situation by doing something idiotic (always works!), posting 100 blog entries in a day. The day is definitely Wednesday, August 22 Thursday, August 23. The first post will be up shortly after midnight I wake up from my beauty rest. I don’t have any entries stored up to help make it easier on myself, and plan on not planning what to write in advance, so your emails/comments for ideas will be greatly appreciated that day. Quality is by no means as guaranteed as the quantity, but if you frequent this blog you probably don’t care.

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