Thursday, August 23, 2007

Terry Porter is a real man, 16

No doubt, Clyde was the star of those Rip City teams. He was the franchise, actually. The man got a street named after him, he's the hall-of-famer. But in my house at least, it was Terry Porter's team. My dad doesn't throw around the adjective "classy," but always was ready to remind me of the class act that Porter was. To this day he swears Porter guarded Jordan better than any Blazer ever did.

Maybe we forget about Porter a little too much these days. Remember, he played small forward for an NAIA team before coming to the NBA. A 17 year playing career as an NBA pointguard is nothing short of spectacular when you keep that in mind.

He moved on to coaching, which seems like a natural fit for a guy who made it more on his will and intelligence than potential. I got excited when he was trying to buy the Blazers back when Paul Allen was selling, he just seems like a guy we should have on board in some way.

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