Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deceptively Quick: officially an obscure subtle influence on something

On post 10 of my epic Day of 100 Entries, I admitted to altering Petteri Koponen's Wikipedia page to include the nickname that will surely bring me fame and fortune one day, "The Finnagler."

Its obvious someone lacking excess creativity/skill added it to his page (my signature calling card, much like how the Wet Bandits would flood the houses they robbed in Home Alone), my method was to just stick it to the bottom of the first section. A one sentence closing paragraph. Mission accomplished.

Recently I checked back to see any updates, and there it was. For some reason, the nickname made it from where I clumsily jabbed it in all the way to the little box on the sidebar:

Nickname "Petsku", "Pete", "Finnagler"

I'm not sure which awesome person added it to his sidebar, but I have an internet crush on them. Maybe wikipedia is so awesome it does this by itself (self awareness? Scary! I just crapped my pants), or maybe they pay people to do it, I'm not sure how this mysterious world of pure truth operates. I googled variations searching for other places where the name is coming up, but nothing as of yet. You better believe I'm on it.

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