Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog Day 100 entries, 1

Yes, its finally here. I'm going for 100 entries today, because really, is there any possible better way for a human being to spend their time? According to my math (emphasis on "my," I truly suck at these things), I'm starting around 8:30 am Rip City time, that gives me about 15.5 hours until its tomorrow, which means I need to average 6.45 posts per hour (about 1 per 10 minutes-ish) until that time to get to 100. So if my usually half-baked ideas appear less than a quarter baked, don't be shocked.

I think my rate of 6.45pph (posts per hour, oh god I'm already corny)can qualify me for what they call live-blogging, except I'm not live-blogging some event, I'm live blogging the entire day. I'm a pioneer like that. You have permission to both cheer me on and pity what my life has become.

I'm numbering each entry in the title and labels, and I could really use some help on ideas. Please please please email me some:

And yes, this counts as an entry.

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