Thursday, August 23, 2007

People in Indiana hate Josh McRoberts, 3

I like to talk about how on draft day the entire sportsbar I was at was cracking on the free falling Josh McRoberts. When he landed in the Blazer's net, I was pretty happy. After all, review these official bullet points (bullet points are always official, by the way) for why Portland should be happy to have him:
  • He's 6'10, athletic, and can handle the ball and pass like few players his size.
  • He's Greg Oden's friend.
  • He's known to be at his best as a complimentary player, so struggled a little at Duke when Coach K kept trying to make him the man. He will never, ever, have to worry about this in Portland. Rumor is he made his name nationally playing alongside Oden in highschool AAU Ball.
  • He's a second round pick, so if he doesn't pan out, eh.

Ok, hooray for us, feeling good about ourselves? There is one red flag, and that is that people from his home state seem to hate him a lot. Off the OLive Blazer's Blog, there's a link to an article from the Indianapolis Star about McRoberts, and the reader comments are the real read, here's some highlights:

"McRoberts is one of the most overrated players I have come across in the past 20 years of watching NCAA basketball. He finished 3rd in Mr Basketball, but was the top ranked senior nationally? How does that happen? We was getting smoke blown up his **** in high school, more smoke after his first year of college and then it finally all came tumbling down after last year. "

"who cares about him? he cried when he was drafted in the 2nd round, ungreatful punk."

"I am not sure why we keep seeing him in the paper slow news day again.Here is McRoberts legacy top 101. Never won a sectional title in high school2. Never won a conference title in high school3. You never even beat Noblesville when you played4. Wasn’t even in the top in the state in scoring or rebounding5. Josh you where lucky to get third. But since you where 7 foot and half your points where dunks over little guys you where spotted a position6. No big wins in High School, in Fact Broad Ripple your junior year with a losing record beat you. George Hill was the true recruit in that game.7. Senior year Eric Gordon single handedly beat you.(That’s how you take over a game)8. Ever body get noticed when they get to play on a good team even I would of scored if I played with JJ 9. Last year you did what? And now your going to play what with who?? Oh well mommy got her BMW for you being 7 foot not a good TEAM player.10. Please move out of Indiana its about the game not the person. You turned your back on the ALL-Stars, You turned your back on Duke I am sure Greg is your good friend. You get to be on TV because they are there watching him and you can walk into the shot??"

There's more, a lot more. According to Josh though, people have hated him his whole life, so he's fine with it. If it were me, I dunno, I might wonder why people have been hating me my whole life. It will be interesting to keep an eye on public perception of McRoberts in Portland.

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