Saturday, August 25, 2007

Its good to see us feeling so good about ourselves

The reaction to Team USA by mainstream American Media has been a little shocking:

"Best team since the original Dream Team."
-Woody Paige on Around The Horn

I know Woody Paige says a lot of moronic things and isn't so much an authority on anything as he is a representation of whats wrong with ESPN, but this quote I heard succinctly captures what has been the overall response of talking heads and columnists.

But why? Because we handled Venezuela and the U.S. Virgin Islands? Hey, its very likely that the team will continue to dominate this tournament. There may even be a blowout of Brazil. Then we'll feel even better about our return to the top of international basketball.

Let's remember, besides Team USA, there are two teams here that are considered threats to medal at the upcoming Olympics: Brazil and Argentina. As I ranted about here, these teams aren't exactly fully represented. Defending Olympic champ Argentina is without my man Pepe Sanchez and four of their NBA Players. Yeah, beating them will be a nice ego stroking session. Two of Brazil's NBA Players aren't playing. U-S-A! U-S-A!

I'm not saying Team USA can't be great (or that they aren't already), but maybe we should wait to measure them against top international competition instead of admiring how they dominate teams that won't even be in the Olympics, or are competing without key players. I know its a crazy notion that the media jump the gun on something, but we don't all have to be swept away in the premature ejaculation.

See you in Beijing.

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