Friday, July 6, 2007

David Stern wants you to hate him

I just got done watching Portland vs. Boston in the Las Vegas Summer League (analysis of Portland here, and Boston here). I barely caught the game, allow me to elaborate before my head explodes:

A rant directed towards Mr. David Stern, who may or may not have had anything to do with the obstacle I had to overcome to watch this game. Whatever, I won't let this stop me from blaming him: On the schedule right here, it reads:

"*All games can be watched online, CLICK HERE. "

Well, apparently that asterisk means something along the lines of:

"*Actually, we plan to blackout the games after getting your hopes up by hyping up how cool this will be. Because we hate you, NBA fan, and want to crush your soul."

What the hell? I tried to kill some time by watching China's national team play Memphis and I got the blackout error message. I live in Portland. Which, by the way, is pretty far from Memphis, China, and Las Vegas.I felt the rage building.

Portland vs. Boston tip time rolled around, and didn't even bother to post a link that I could take to get to the blackout message. I was a few seconds away from punching myself in the face. Suddenly, a ray of sunshine beamed down and directed me to a lovely blog that shall remain nameless. A comment was posted on said lovely blog, detailing how to sidestep the blackout and enjoy the game. I love the internet. David Stern? Not so much. You sir, are cold as ice.

If they aren't going to show the games, then don't brag about how you are going to show all the games. Wow that sounds simple. If you want to charge, cool, let us know. If you don't want to show them, hey, I can live with that. But don't build it up like you're being so awesome to your fans, only to tear it away from us. Are you trying to piss of the people that, you know, support your existence? Thats so cold it doesn't even make sense. Thats Stern.

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