Saturday, July 28, 2007

Brandon Roy: Not scrimmaging with Team USA

I'm sort of bummed to read this update from Chris Sheridan about how Brandon Roy won't be participating in the Team USA scrimmage after all, due to a "scheduling conflict." It would give a great sense of validation to see a Blazer out there with the game's most elite. A nice little nod from the basketball world like "hey, we know you guys are for real now, come play with us."

Oden's one of the guys in the pool of Team USA players, which means he'll probably play for them at some point. The invitation to Roy means he's on some list of theirs too, which is even sweeter. Seeing multiple Blazers on that team might just make my body explode in a big black and red pin-wheelie prideful mess. What if LaMarcus got added someday too?

Eventually, we'll be spoiled. We'll complain that our guys are getting too fatigued from all that silly international play. Lets try to keep our perspective, or maybe just appreciate it while we can.

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