Monday, July 2, 2007

Blazers get to be on TV! GLORIOUS RELEVANCE!

Things went bad for a while for Blazer fans, then a crazy tsunami of puppydogs and baby smiles swept us up and we've been surfing ever since. What took until just now to hit me is, being that the Blazers matter now (I love lottery balls! I mean that in a totally Tom Selleck -hetero-platonic way, for the record), I'll get to see more of them than in a long time. I'm salivating over the release of the regular season schedule, whaddup national coverage! I'm the dumb guy in the back on the cell phone! I'm so FAMOUS right now!

Case in point, summer league! Even though I will undoubtedly become disgusted by the horrible quality of basketball and turn away in frustration, Portland has 3 Summer League games showing on NBA TV. This means I can see some Oden, Aldridge, Koponen (somebody please tell me if this guy has a nickname), Joel Freeland (a big priority of mine lately, he had me at "white Keon Clark"), and all those summer league guys I don't know and will likely never see again. I can root for Portland product Terrance Green to play well, get exposure, and catch on with an NBA team.

Just the latest example, being relevant is so much better than being a laughing stock. Seriously Seattle, it is, you should do something about that. HEY OH!

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