Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michigan wants beef

Before I go crazy, let me say that it doesn't make any logical sense for Paul Allen to sell the Blazers now. Still, Yamhill County product Casey Holdahl picked up on an article mentioning that an unknown Michigan group is trying to buy up the Blazers. He even did some sleuthing and found out the offer is something like $400 million.

Remember those days when the Blazers future was uncertain? When Paul Allen was wanting more cash from the city and supposedly trying to sell? "Broken business model" anyone? Those days sucked.

Well with all the recent moves and good fortune, we could rest easy that mess was long behind us. Just because a Michigan group wants to throw $400 million at Paul Allen doesn't mean he'll take it. Please, he spends more than that on boats. After going through some tough times, I'm sure he doesn't want to bail right as his team is poised to return to elite status.

There's some illogical alarmist insecure fan in me though.

I mean, there's always allegations that Paul Allen really wants his hometown Sonics. What if he wanted to sell Portland as some means of grabbing his Sonics, who are in their own state of flux? I know they have a new owner, but Paul Allen could throw enough cash at the anti-gay Oklahoman to make him think:

"Come on Clay, you don't want to deal with this nightmare anymore. The city hates you, nobody is going to give you the tax dollars to build that new building. Stern won't let you move this team to Oklahoma. I'll make you a real sweet deal, make this all go away...."

So why would Paul Allen sell now? With a team ready to start the take over? I don't know, but a guy who owned the Cavs sold them when it was pretty obvious the kind of player LeBron was going to be. He sold them to a group from Michigan.

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