Monday, July 2, 2007

Remix: Don't sleep on Joel Freeland!

Is it a good idea to do back-to-back posts on Joel Freeland? Mr. Oddity Unknown? The Riddler? If you like having people read your blog, then probably not. Its a good day to be an amateur!

The day after I posted the little update on English Joel, I read some even more savory morsels on the Oregonlive Blazers Blog detailing observations from his recent practice with the summer league squad:

"Oh snap! Freeland comes baseline and finishes the serious dunk on three heads. Nice ups for a guy Freeland's size."

" I didn't get to see it myself, but some of the people who got to watch the practice in its entirety said that Joel Freeland was draining shots left and right. I'm a little hesitant to make a characterization of a player from only watching an hour of practice, but it seems to me that he's got the tools and the body to stay in the states this year to play. I think the NBA D-league might be where Freeland ends up this year. Listening to him talk about his situation at Gran Canaria, it sounds like he might be willing to take less money in order to get some playing time."

Wait, wait. Freeland wasn't getting time with his top flight ACB League team? So he was getting 15 and 7 per with little PT?

Damn you Joel Freeland information, why do you always come in mysterious sugar packet sized quantities? When will we get to see what a white version of Keon Clark really looks like?

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