Saturday, June 23, 2007

Its official: Draft Kevin Durant

I've been waffling. Through the workouts, through the youtube and google "research," through all the blogs and articles and talking heads making a case for one camp or another. I was all Oden, then Durant, then back to Oden before finally deciding to sit on the sidelines, throw my hands in the air and issue the defeated cop-out line, "In Kevin Pritchard We Trust." Hey, he's the one with magic powers.

I'm done with it. I've had a revealation of sorts and am ready to plant myself firmly on one side: draft Kevin Durant. Not because of the recent workouts. Not because of Oden's health or Durant's "killer instinct," I'm basing this on something more solid, my mistrust of the majority.

This is where I tried to link to, only to find the url expired 6/3/07. I had very low confidence in the team management just a year ago, and rightfully so. I feared they would heed those fans outside the practice facility and actually draft Adam Morrison. Very Scary.

So unnerving, I vowed to never trust the popular opinion of Blazer fans. Your past yearning for the Great White Mope has made you forever invalid. With this in mind, a poll in the Oregonian shows fans want Oden over Durant.

You've given me direction, Rip City. A new heading for my blog. I have no choice but to oppose you: Draft Kevin Durant.

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