Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Its like Christmas Eve right now

Actually comparing the 2007 Draft Eve to Christmas Eve is a bit of a stretch. First of all, my family always opens presents on Christmas Eve as opposed to the next morning (old pagan ritual), so for me its more like Christmas Eve-Eve. Plus usually the presents suck, at least compared to your home team getting the #1 pick. Still, Blazer fans have to be feeling pumped and anxious as the draft inches nearer.

I'll be happy with Oden or Durant (sorry, I know I said no more waffling, but its hard), and watching the rest of the draft shake out is always fun. I can't wait to watch Kevin Pritchard and crew like an M. Night Shyamalan movie (one that doesn't suck, maybe Sixth Sense. I liked Unbreakable too, but anyways...), sitting back and eagerly awaiting all the unexpected twists. I mean seriously, 4 Second Round Picks? Just what are you up to, K-Pizl?

More than the future, this draft can help Rip City heal some old wounds. I'm not just talking about the "Jailblazers" garbage, I'm talking about something far worse. The 1984 Draft. I don't even like typing it. Who really wants to revisit Portland selecting Sam Bowie over Jordan? I doubt I'm the only one (Clyde still defends the pick) who has spent many half-hearted conversations trying to get people to understand the circumstances:

"Of course that doesn't mean they were right, but how could anyone know Jordan would be the greatest ever? Portland already had a perimeter star in Clyde, and really needed a quality big guy. I mean it turned out bad, but it wasn't dumb at the time, it made sense."

God I'm tired of being that guy. If Portland picks Oden (or Durant!) and goes on to win multiple titles and all that loveliness, I don't think I'll have to be that guy anymore.

"Yeah that was dumb back in 84, but how about that dynasty team 25 years later?"

Much better.

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