Monday, June 11, 2007

Letter to the World: LeBron has you right where he wants you

There, I said it.

Down 0-2. Not like down-to-Detroit 0-2, but down-to-San Antonio 0-2. The world has chimed in like only The World can, "LeBron, its a wrap."

No doubt. Nice run Lebron. Who cares what they say about the LEastern Conference, you're a 22 year old who has carried your odd-ball squad to the finals. All the seemingly unfair expectations you have created in your young life, only to exceed them. How is it even possible for a player with this much hype to remain ahead of schedule?

LeBron is prodigious when it comes to surpassing mountains of hype, and such habits are scary rare and lead to even loftier standards. So goes the career of a wunderkind.

Thats why I'm posting this. Down-to-San Antonio 0-2? Expecting a comeback from this would be lunacy. Totally unrealistic and unfair. Not even LeBron has done anything like this before.

Sound familiar?

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