Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They're saying its Oden, Seattle Still Sucks

It came all over local news and ESPN earlier this evening. Awesome. If thats K-Pizl & Crew's choice, its probably the best one. Roy, Aldridge, and Oden is quite a young core (not to mention those other guys, yay!). Even with the main suspense likely gone, the draft is still gonna be great fun to watch play out.

I assume this means Durant is going to Seattle, although I am hoping they pick Jianliang and maintain their hilarious draft strategy of using high picks on unproven 7-footers (shout out to Robert Swift and Sene!). Forget your future Seattle, you know with your ownership its probably a wrap anyways, so keep the comedy going!

Durant is an incredibly gifted, hardworking, and lucky person overall. That said, how thrilled can he really be going to Seattle when the organization is so bad that Detlef Schrempf doesn't even want to be there? That organization is apparently in terrible condition all around (save for the incredible #2 pick this year), which could be bad news for Durant, and the league. Maybe he should pull a Kobe and try to force a trade before he even suits up. Hey, K-Pizl has a niiiiiiice young 20 and 10 low post player available, lets do lunch!

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