Friday, October 12, 2007

Fantasy Basketball Starts

I'll try to keep my fantasy basketball proclamations of love and pain to a minimum, I really will. But we're gearing up again, and there's too much anticipation in the air to let things go unsaid.

I am still dealing with the pain of last years second place finish, dealt to me via my opponents shrewd Travis Outlaw pick up in the final week of the season. The way he piled up stats in that span of garbage time was truly remarkable. The fact that a Blazer was used against me in such a way made it all the more traumatic, et tu brute?

Et tu indeed.

But now is a new season, I am older and wiser than before. A veterans grit forged by heartbreak. I must avenge my loss. If you would like to join the league I'll be playing in, email me at the link up top and we can roll. If you'd like me to join your league, I will definitely do that too. I have been dreaming of participating in a Finnish league, hopefully the Invisible Finnish Hand will reach out to me.

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Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! said...

Round 2 is on n crackin! You wont slip by in the playoffs again! I will avenge last seasons debacle of drafting wally szczerbiak, my squad will come together like voltron son, VOLTRON!

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