Monday, April 20, 2009

Coach of the Year. What a Joke.

As scheduled, Coach of the Year was announced. As expected, Nate McMillan didn't come close to winning.

Not to knock any of the guys who finished higher than McMillan, they all won a bunch of games. But they did it with rosters stocked with of veteran star talent. Call me crazy, but that doesn't seem spectacular. That is pretty normal, actually.

And while that handful of coaches achieved something that is done by multiple teams every year, Nate did something that was closer to historic. Something that had never been done before. Something that deserved more acclaim than a consolation Western Conference Coach of the Month award.

The first fifty win team to play four rookies. Earning homecourt advantage with the youngest rotation in the League. Both of these things happened while playing what the Elias Sports Bureau deemed the hardest schedule in the NBA.

Even when you come to expect this type of unrecognition it is still deflating. We're in the Pacific Northwest, not on the Moon. Voters: please stop being such jackasses and try your hardest to pay at least a little attention.

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