Thursday, April 16, 2009

What A Season. Wow. And it isn't over.

Last night's game didn't feel so much like a must-win-for-homecourt-advantage-thing as it did a celebration of what continues to be an amazing season to be a Blazer fan. While Denver gets the nod in playoff seeding over Portland because of the tie-breaker, The Blazers did grab what is considered a share of the Northwest Division Title last night. Rudy Fernandez set the rookie record for three-point field goals in a season. And the Blazers did earn themselves homecourt advantage in the first round.

Unfortunately they now have to play the Houston Rockets, a veteran team that presents considerable match-up problems. As you will hear over and over from the national media, this Blazer team has an amazing lack of playoff experience. But then again they are the best young team ever. They take care of homecourt. Most importantly, they are playing extremely well right now. I don't feel like counting them out would be wise.

I planned on waking up early and camping out to get my hands on some playoff tickets after arriving home late from the sportsbar last night. I intended to take notes on my experience. This is as far as I got:

5:10 AM: Turn off Alarm

This was immediately followed by more sleeping. But it turns out 5:00 AM would probably have not been early enough anyways.

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