Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game 6: Spencer The Sweetpotato is ready

We may be pushing our luck a bit here, but it is hard to posses a power as mighty as Spencer The Sweetpotato and remain idle in these must-win situations. If you need a refresher, understand that this very unpopular DeceptivelyQuick intern/mascot was responsible for Portland's Game 5 win. Now he's up again. Behold the game-changer:

Whether Portland wins or loses this series, I think that the time for Spencer to become one with that big holiday pie in the sky is growing near. However, a series win would not go unrewarded. Such an accomplishment would undoubtedly earn Spencer The Sweetpotato a special place on The DeceptivelyQuick JPEG Banner of Honor. Right up there next to Kevin Pritchard, close enough to be blinded by his D.Miles necklace. Don't miss this opportunity, Spence. Immortality awaits. Go Blazers.

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