Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Weakened Pondering: Blazers Growth

Throughout this season we have periodically checked in on the Blazers Win-Loss profile and noticed that the team had the troublesome habit of losing to opponents ranked in the top ten in scoring. After 54 games, the team’s record against the top 10 scoring teams in the League was an unimpressive 8-13.

Just 23 games later, it appears that Portland may have figured this issue out. After 78 games played Portland is at an even 14-14 against the top 10 scoring teams. Yes, since their 8-13 start they have gone 6-1.

But the news isn’t all good. After 54 games the team was 12-1 against opponents that ranged in the 11 through 20 spots in scoring. Since then the team is just 2-5. Random statistical noise from a small sample? Has this team had trouble “getting up” for some of their less glamorous but still capable opponents? My hunch is that it’s probably nothing, and if it is, it doesn’t concern me much. This team has showed an impressive ability to solve weaknesses quickly and grow ahead of schedule. (Check out their recently much improved play on the road if you want another example.)

I'm off to an early weekened at DeceptivelyQuick. I'll be in attendance at the Nike Hoop Summit this Saturday, if you see me come say hi. I look like that one guy.

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