Friday, April 17, 2009

Some of Cliff Robinson's stuff found, more evidence of how much he loves Bass Guitar coming to light

As you probably recall, some Blazer-hating (and by association America-hating) individuals recently broke into Uncle Cliffy's home and made off with some items that they did not purchase.

Whenever Robinson's name come up it is always a good time to remember how much he enjoys going out to nightclubs and playing Air Bass all night on the dance floor. I think we can all agree this is an awesome thing.

The Police have since made some arrests and managed to recover a fair amount of Robinson's things. Given his well established love for bringing the funk via pantomimed musical instrument, it seems extra hilarious that the news story is filled with references guessed it:
Deputies said the home, located on NW Jackson Quarry Road, was ransacked on March 30th and several items, including several off-road vehicles, five bass guitars, a motorcycle
See that? He really did have a bass guitar or five stolen! Ha! I thought I was just being hilarious. But there's more:
Some of the items still missing included a custom-made go-cart, a set of custom-made Calloway golf clubs, two large Pioneer flat screen televisions, two bass guitars, a white quad off-road vehicle, and a tall white mountain bike.
Other bass guitars still on the lam! Cliff must be pissed. If he wants real justice he should give Terrell Brandon a call. 

Seriously though, does anyone else enjoy the hilarity that is the collection of items owned by Clifford Robinson? A custom-made go-cart, a set of custom Calloway golf clubs, two bass guitars, a white quad off-road vehicle, and a tall white mountain bike! Man I want to hang out at this guy's house.

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