Thursday, January 24, 2008

Obligatory Roy for All-Star Post

Now that the starters have been announced, we can finally take a concrete measure Roy's competition for a reserve spot on the All-Star team. Let's start with the argument for his inclusion. Don't throw up his stats, because honestly there's guys with better stats that probably won't make it. To me, the strength in his case is how surprisingly well the Blazers have played and what he means to the team, which is Everything. The Blazers marketing did their part with the clever iRoy promotion, which got people talking. You can bet the league wants to promote this blossoming star over some veterans that they've already got the public dropping cash on. He's got The Man on his side.

It will still be tough. The voters all may be too old to know how to use their iRoy, and will probably end up getting frustrated trying to get that confounded machine to work. Plus they seem to give the edge to veterans more often, whether those players want it or not.

This article does a good job outlining the competition, and the guy actually picks Roy (as does Charles Barkley, although he still thinks the team won't make the playoffs). The homer in me would do the same, and I hope it works out like that. But the boner the voters have for Ginobili and Parker is not to be underestimated. Additionally, with the Hornets shockingly having the best record in the West, I'd think they deserve two All-Stars. I like the chronically unrecognized David West. Baron Davis? Josh Howard? Shawn Marion? Deron Williams? Marcus Camby? This doesn't get easier.

Then again, Roy does the improbable pretty easily sometimes. For now, savor the debate. It's one more unlikely gift this season has provided us.

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