Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Random Portlander: Stop Being a Douche. Seriously.

I found this refreshingly douche-free Canzano article via TrueHoop today. In it, Canzano describes why the Blazers are taking down that big "Rise With Us" sign that currently resides on the side of a local grain silo. Basically, its going because somebody complained that it is technically in violation of some city code. The official refers to the tipster as a "sign vigilante."

So, Mr/s. Sign Vigilante, I cordially invite you to stop being such a gigantic douche bag. You are such a douche that Canzano wrote an entire article free of his own douche because yours was so overpowering. You maxed out his douche quota all by yourself, and that is saying something. So stoppit.

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