Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 NBA Draft Athletic Test Results released

Get you nerd hat on, because results are here. Here are some quick takes:

-Tyler Hansbrough (Ha! Still funny.) had himself a good draft workout. First he measured bigger than some expected, alleviating fears that he is too small to play inside. Now we learn he performed respectably in the athletic drills as well. Only three players put up more repetitions on the bench press than him. He was a shade faster than Blake Griffin in the 3/4 court sprint. Plus he is a better basketball player than a lot of other options in the draft. He won't shoot up to lottery territory, but it seems like he has made progress in quelling some of the biggest knocks against him.

-DeJuan Blair was not the fattest person in camp. Those 15 pounds he dropped in preparation saved him that distiction, although he came in at a solid number 2. In a shocker, AJ Price measured more body fat than any other 2009 hopefuls. That can't be right, can it? Will we see GM's take this as a reflection of Price's work ethic and drive to succeed? This can't be good for a player thought of as a mid-second rounder before the workouts.

-The high-jump award goes to the intriguing Jonny Flynn with a max-verticle of 40 inches. Demar Derozan, who told some reporters he believes he can jump higher than Vince Carter used to, didn't live up to the claim in the drills. Derozan jumped an excellent 38.5 inches, but this doesn't seem as impressive when compared to the 43 inches posted by Carter in 1998. The disparity in the no-step verticle test was even more pronounced with Derozan coming in 7 inches below Vinsanity.

Thats all for now, opinions are flooding the interwebs as I type. I'm off to continue delving into this awesomeness.

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