Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, and low-lifes: The first Blazers draft rumor!

The first of what will be a steady diet of summer rumors in Rip City has Portland moving up to nab ... Stephen Curry? Huh?

Does it really make sense for Portland to divest some resources to get their hands on this guy? I like Curry, and I think he has more of a chance at NBA success than some, but I' m not sure I like the move considering the price of entering the late lottery. If Blazer fans scream at their televisions about how Steve Blake can't guard the bigger pointmen of the NBA I fear they could bring back tar and feathering for Curry.

Anyways, like nearly all rumors, this probably won't happen. But it does signal that summer is nearly upon us. You know, in case you don't trust calendars. Or the sun. I'll show myself out.

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