Monday, June 29, 2009

Channing Frye is off to do better things in a worse city

Everything about Channing Frye is awesome except his fit with the Blazers on the court. In the second off-season move that everyone saw coming, it is being reported that the Blazers will not offer that contract extension to the man that hopes to spend his post-basketball life in Portland.

Frye can play, and will have options as an unrestricted free agent. We look forward to seeing him in a situation that is more agreeable to his skill set. Enjoy some of our favorite Channing Frye posts below. In observance of the sadness that is Frye's exit we are going to the Tin Shed this weekend and present this rad LARP video. Via con dios, amigo.

- The unfortunate writing on the wall.
- It has not been verified that Channing Frye is not related to Nick Cannon.


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